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My Big Happy Adventure

So here we are again, trying to pick up that blogging thing. I have done this once before but it didn’t really work, I forgot to post every month and it became a job. Ive managed my time well with work and life, and my new hobby -that youtube thing.


I call it that youtube thing, but its kinda branded me. Lecosanne and my big happy adventure has become who I really am and its great to be back to the 2010 me. I mean, im not saying the last 7 years haven’t been great. In fact rather the opposite

I moved out of my home, I got engaged, I got a job in childcare, I got married, dabbled with politics, dabbled in heritage railway, played a lot of games, made new friends, revealed fake friends, became an auntie 4 times over, moved house, moved careers and so much more including that youtube thing, that has really clarified how good the internet as a whole is. I will do a whole post on how Youtube changed my life but for this post, an introduction and background.

So why do I say im back to the 2k10 me? Ive been unfortunately hit by that big black cloud they call depression. Theres been no reason behind it, no pattern nothing. In fact looking back now, its like I wasn’t even myself, there were times I felt like I was watching myself just wanting to be happy. I just had no reasoning behind any of it. With the help of medication, therapy and the support of my wonderful husband phil I turned a corner, and the once clouded future is so much clearer, and in my hands. I have a new positive outlook on life and im ready to share it.  This is my big happy adventure, care to join me?


L x

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