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Okay 2018…I’m ready for you!

Okay in theory i am ready- I have always said i am the most unorganised organised person, ever. What i mean by this is i love the thought of being organised. I love making lists, i love stationary and notebooks are my favourite. This year is the first i haven’t actually brought a diary, so maybe i’m not that ready…but before you dismiss the fact i’ve told you i’m ready when i’m not this is what this blog post is, my preparation for organisation and reflection on 2017. Its a long read but it was worth writing- i do love blogging, i have missed it.

Lecosanne- The Blog. 

In my efforts to get organised i have sectioned things off. Last year i had a notebook where i would write ideas for my YouTube Channel. they were random thoughts, ideas that never got completed and plans that never actually came though. Im not disappointed, they just never happened but thats what a notebook is essentially for. What ive done this year is a little different. I found my niche in youtube, and i have the basic idea for my blog. So ive categorised.

The Categories explained NB- most categories will link together!

  • Youtube This category is where my blog and youtube channel work together. I will have chance to reflect on the posts and hopefully open up my channel to a whole new audience. 
  • Reflection– As my blog is an extension of my big happy adventure i am going to learn so much along the way. This Category will be where i put the lessons learned or positive posts etc.
  • Beauty and Lifestyle I would hope this category is self explanatory. im wanting to branch out on my YouTube channel, so why not here too? Lifestyle can be tutorials too!
  • Events and Holidays Again self explanatory here. Anything i consider to be a big enough event to write about will be here!
  • Everything else  Is everything else!


It only made sense that i did the same with YouTube. I have my “Brand” if you want to call it that and i do need keep that organised too. Or as organised as i can. Im keeping to one video a week and hoping to accompany that with a blog post or two or maybe even three. Blogging is rather liberating even if it did take me an hour to prepare for this post yesterday (But whos checking the time?)

  • Vlogs Just me and the camera and what i get up to. These videos are hardly ever edited that much. I do love these videos, and editing them is always fun. 
  • Beauty and lifestyle My journey with makeup and beauty has been very recent since i found the community on YouTube and also through my day job. Ive become interested in being kinder to my skin and making myself look pretty so this is coming to my channel. 
  • Comedy ?  This has a question mark because im not sure weather i will pursue this or not.  i have ideas, theyve been in my book for a while but ive never had the confidence to film them!
  • Sit downs and catchups. On YouTube its important to keep your audience involved and updated. I love doing sit down videos with my coslings, its getting more and more difficult to imagine faces look at me now as the mroe i think about the number that whats me these days i get nervous. I like to keep everyone up to date, reflecting and the often tag video here and there.
  • Collaborations YouTube Is a huge community. I have made so many friends through it and in 2018 i want to meet more of them as well as keep in touch with those i have made from all walks of my life.  

So thats the plan, but the keen eyed of you may have noticed this book…Ive had this book for a while, in fact i brought it in my home town, i have the matching purse and satchel too.

This book i have labelled memories. so what is it? because of how special this book looked and felt in my hand, i wanted something special to go in it.After February last year i really discovered the beauty of the community behind YouTube and this book finally had a purpose

Its full of pictures of events, meeting people and snips items

of things ive done over the year that help me realise how far ive come on this platform. If you like its my motivational book. Yes i have them in video format but im old fashioned & love a good scrapbook.

In writing, and after a bit of formatting, this blog post looks amazing. Last year was so amazing, i still kick myself that i didnt start it sooner but then i wouldnt have the friends and connections ive already made. The internet has been pretty good to me.

L x

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