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Glossy Box- January 2018

So yesterday i received my January Glossybox. I always look forward to getting these boxes as i get to record a new video and release my 100% live reaction to the products inside the box.

Each month you get 5 high quality beauty products, which are often full sized wrapped up beautifully in pink tissue paper and always a lovely little bow. Each box also has a beautifully designed insert detailing the products.  The box cost £10 per month, and is on a subscription basis. this is my third box so far, and im so impressed. As i have the blog now, im accompanying the video with a blog post!

With January being straight after the party season i was expecting this box to be based around the who new year new me theme. Boy, was i right!

The first product i saw in the box was the great big pink box, which are health and beauty supplements.  The Beauty Beneath supplements are £39.99 from Boots.  Glossy box  explains these as nutrient rich to help  create healthy and glowy skin from the inside out.

I have never been one for taking health supplements, and the reviews online about this products are mixed so ill let you if and when i take these!

Next we have a nail product. Nail Medic, Nail and cuticle Energiser, is worth £5.99.

For me this is pretty pointless as im a nail biter, and have been as long as i can remember but i will give this a try! Glossy box describe this as a delicious blend of vitamins, plant extracts, revitalising eucalyptus adn soothing lavender.

Im not sure the effect it will have on my damaged nails but you never know until you try!

The next three products i will use quite often and if can save up the money i possibly will buy them again after just testing them out on the video.

Apicia- Cream blush RRP £22.00

Glossy box have described this as the perfect introduction to cream blushes, and im really excited to try this out as i use powder blushes. The hue and colour on this product is beautiful and im excited to try it out.



Dr Botanicals-Morocan Rose Superfood Facial Oil Travel Size. (Fullsize RRP £55.00)

We were given a teaser of this product in the last box. The oil smells divine and after my first use i felt like this is a great product. My skin feels moisturised and soft and i hardly used any of the oil itself.

I have read great reviews about Dr Botanicals items and this one does not disappoint.

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics- Green Tea Primer £22

Finally we end with another full size product. When i saw this on the list i was excited as ive just run out of my favourite primer, which i was adamant was causing my skin to blemish more.  Glossy Box explain they are smitten with this and i can see why. It feels so light on the skin and smells wonderful.

All in all We have another great box, these 5 items almost total £100 so i would say its well worth the £10 per month subscription. I also get another handy storage box for my pallet collection which is growing and growing.


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  1. Its never too late for your nails! I’ve not told you this story (believe it or not….lol) but I have always been a prolific nail biter, so much so, that when I was 8 or 9, Auntie Christine promised me she’d pay for me to have my ears pierced (which Grandma wouldn’t let me do) IF I stopped biting my nails and looked after them for a year. I did it, Christine paid, Grandma took me, and you know the rest! However, I did start biting them again in my teens and wasn’t really until my 40’s that I stopped biting them and they now look after themselves, growing like flippin weeds!! They grow really fast!!

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