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Oh YouTube….

I wasnt going to write this post, but then i thought it a good way to mark the day.  I am a YouTuber, Small Creator and new to the whole social influencer scene. As those titles, i really have to write my thoughts about what happened yesterday. 

If you have been living under a rock the last 24 hours, or do not have a clue what i am talking about ive inserted pictures from the blogpost from Google. In short they have changed the thresholds in which smaller youtubers can start to earn ad revenue (money) from YouTube.  The reason why i wasnt going to write this post is because im just not that interested in making YouTube my Career. I love what i do for my day job if you like, and im pretty comfortable.

If you are interested in the new thresholds they are here. They arent that unrealistic, but for me they arent even a goal. Being able to gain my return on investment in my hobby would be wonderful but thats not the reason i started.

If you are one of my blog readers and im sure there is only a few of you as im new to the whole blogging scene, you’ll notice that i havent completed the section on my Youtube channel, A) i havent had time and B) until now i havent really known what to put!

For me YouTube has never been a means to an end, its a hobby, its my corner of the internet where i can make friends and express myself. In the last year and a bit that ive done it i have joined such a wonderful community of people, and made some life long friends through it. To put it simply i enjoy creating, and the day that stops i stop making videos. If it so happens i go viral- GREAT, but im not looking for that to happen on purpose.

My Big Happy Adventure, is just that- its mine and its fabulous that people are wanting to join me. If that means that its slow to gain more subscribers so be it.

So why am i posting the post i said i wouldnt? Bluntly im fed up of all the negativity. Im sorry to hear that it has crushed so many peoples dreams, and for some of my friends, its really screwed them over, for that i am sad but i am more motivated to use this platform to continue to express myself.

Thank you for following my journey and i hope you continue to.

(PS, its my birthday tomorrow, theyll be a good video!)

L x
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  1. Great blog and happy birthday for tomorrow, I have never written a comment on a blog before lol..
    its dazzlers life in vlogs from the twitter chat

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