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The Thing about Emotions.

So, we’re not going to discuss the fact that setting unrealistic goals like writing a blog post once a week as well as making a YouTube video is not my best idea ever. I just think that you guys are going to have to expect sporadic posts. You’re okay with that? Good, cos i am too. I think im going to change my blog posts to a place where i randomly blurt out what im feeling and the stuff i cant really put into a video because of my passion.

Actually that’s what were talking about today. Yes, talking no flashy pictures this time. You can expect that more from now on just talking, or in your case a lot more reading- it helps me maintain a positive mental attitude.

I am an empath. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions do control my actions and reactions. I am generally a happy person (apart from that one time a month where im either cuddly or snappy but that’s my anatomy!) and nothing really bothers me unless it has an emotion attached to it and then for some unknown reason, i go into overdrive trying to make a situation right because i care about it so much. I am fuelled my emotions and this can be such a blessing in disguise and a hindrance. Every day is a different day and something new is gonna happen i guess.  Emotions are good and expressing them is good. They are all part of being human!

There is not reasoning behind this post just a bit of word vomit to be honest. I do wish sometimes i could be like the Salvatores on the Vampire diaries and turn off my emotions like a switch because sometimes they suck!

Until next time i actually post, keep living that big happy adventure,

L x

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