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Personal development, My Thoughts on Feedback.

Its always hard to talk about personal development, and i thought long and hard about if i was going to share it.  I then came to the conclusion that personal development in my career is part of my big happy adventure so im going to share it.

You will need a bit of background here, but i wont bore you with too much detail. I currently work in a hotel in my first ever “real” management position. These days there is a real push on the different between managing and leading. The wonderful company that i have worked for for 3 years now, has a great ethos on developing there staff and i have met so many people who are as invested in me and my personal development. In my journey to become the great leader, and influencer i want to be i have been give the opportunity to attend a course which has been legitimately the most thought provoking and interesting experiences of my life so far.  Todays blog post is actually a  blog piece i wrote for part of this course. (I have tweeked it a little as some bits wont make sense) I hope you enjoy reading it as im rather proud!

This is my big happy adventure, care to join me? L x

“When was the last time you received feedback?” This question gets asked quite a lot in our industry, and without thinking the chances are you received feedback maybe just an hour ago from a peer or a colleague, but you didn’t realise it. The reason you don’t recognise it that much is because you become muted to receiving feedback. That is why the quality of feedback you give or receive is so important.

The feedback we receive on a day to day basis is about a person’s performance of a task which is used as a basis for improvement. So, if your feedback comes from your manager you are more likely to listen to it, just because we are superimposed to want to do better to impress them. However, the feedback you receive from your peers can just be as important to that journey of improvement.

Recently I was tasked with providing feedback to a peer. I pride myself in the fact that I can give feedback on the go, and hopefully people in my team receive that feedback with open arms because ive given it in the right way.

During my latest training session my tutor  highlighted the importance of giving the right type of feedback, be it a compliment or a criticism. She explained that there has always got to be an element of discussing the benefits or the drawbacks of a particular situation. Then either encouraging the same behaviour or encouraging an alternative.

You always hear that giving is better than receiving, and for me, I definitely find it easier to give feedback than to receive it. I find if I put emotion into feedback it is easier received and more relatable. This works for both compliments and criticism, using Methods such as R.I.D. (recognise, identify and discuss) for behaviours and actions I would like to see again, and G.R.E.E.C.E (gaining understanding, Recognising, explaining, engaging, clarifying and encouraging) for those I would prefer to see less of. It should go without saying really, that methods such as the ones we have been taught during ignite really do add to the experience of giving feedback and 9/10 times you don’t even need to think about it!

Now getting feedback back, for me personally I find a lot harder. Its human nature to stray away from being judged. Through ignite and personal experiences I am learning that feedback, weather it be a compliment or a criticism is vital to my journey into leadership, and I am developing the voice to ask for further clarification, a step I often forget as I don’t want to be told im doing something wrong again!

To Conclude, feedback is everywhere and happens all day every day, its easy to become muted to it but also can be taken for granted. The crux of giving and receiving feedback is good old-fashioned talking and communicating with each other. We learn best from our peers so healthy communication where feedback is given and discussed should be relished in, it certainly helps motivate your teams and when you receive feedback for that job you did really well? That simply feels amazing.

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